How To Make The Perfect Paper Poinsettia Using Your Cricut Maker

Paper Poinsettia

As you might know, I LOVE making paper flowers! That’s how Modern Flower Creation started! I am super excited to show you guys how to make this super easy paper poinsettia!

Let’s start with the materials:

1. Cricut Cardstock

2. Mini Glue Gun

3. Mini Glitter Glue Sticks

4. Cricut Machine

5. Scoring Tool

6. Silicone Mat

7. Paper Poinsettia

[convertkit form=2968559]

Paper Poinsettia

Let’s get started with the assembly of the paper Poinsettia! You will need 2 large and 2 small templates to create the perfect poinsettia! However, you can also just use 2 large and 1 small poinsettia template.

1. You will need your Cricut Machine to do all the work now! Insert your Cricut Mat and let your Cricut cut out the templates needed to make the Poinsettia.

2. Unload your Cricut mat from your Cricut machine and start removing the paper from the mat.

3. Use a scoring tool to add score lines to each petal on the template. This will make it so the poinsettia has more of a realistic look. If you are using Cricut Design Space then you can add score lines there and have the Cricut score them for you.

4. Next, you will fold each petal in half using your fingers.

5. Now, you will add glue to the center of the large template and adhere the other large template on top.

6. When you get to this part, you can decide whether to use one small template or two. In the picture below, I am using only one of the small templates.

7. Now that the flower is assembled, you will need to make the center of the poinsettias using hot glitter glue sticks! Don’t forget to get a silicone mat so you do not damage your desk!

8. Grab your mini glue gun and start making little glue dots, they also look like little bubbles.

9. You will add glue to the back of the glue dot, a super small amount of glue!

10. You will make a square with the glue dots. You will only need four glue dots for the bottom base, the fifth glue dot will go in the middle of the other four glue dots. See below for reference.

Now, you are all done! Have fun creating these beautiful paper poinsettias! They are so easy to make. If you use my poinsettia template, please tag me in your creations! I would love to see them.

Stay Crafty,


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