Valentine’s Day Gift Using My Cricut Explore Air 2!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate than to create a super easy gift to share with family and loved ones.

For this project, I knew I wanted to incorporate mini paper flowers. I also wanted something that would be seen everyday by your loved ones that would remind them of how much we love them. So, I decided I wanted to create a picture frame out of a heart BUT with a magnet on the back for it to be put up on your fridge. Remember when we once said, “I wanted that special one to always see it!?” Well what better gift than a magnetic heart frame out of mini paper flowers.


1. Cricut Explore Air 2

2. Cricut StandardGrip Mat, 12×24

3. Cricut Cardstock – Red Tones

4. Cricut TrueControl Knife, Mint

5. Cricut Quilling Tool (You can find this tool in the Paper Tool Set or in the Paper Crafting Set)

6. Tagboard (There’s one in the Red Tones pack already – it’s the back layer of the pack)

7. Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks

8. Pencil (to trace)

9. Magnetic Sheets

10. Gift Box (optional)


Let’s start off with Cricut’s Design Space. I will share the file with you all so you can open it up, have your Cricut cut the flower design and then start creating. Since I am using Cricut cardstock, 12×24, I have already designed the flowers in Design Space to fit a 12×24 mat… try to always use as much as the cardstock as you can!

Second picture shows the Explore Air 2’s Smart Set Dial. I have it set to custom so you are able to pick the desired material through design space.

Third picture will show you that I have selected my material to Heavy Cardstock and have also set the pressure to More. I have found that this is the perfect setting for Cricut’s cardstock.

You’ll need about 12 of the larger mini paper flowers (1.5″ inches) and 14 of the smallest ones (0.5″ inches). It really depends on how you want to organize the frame with the paper flowers. I wanted a mixture of the teeny tiny ones and the larger ones.

Next, the Explore Air 2 will start cutting the flowers and you will slowly remove each one off the mat. You will have 8 of the larger ones (1.5 inches) and 3 of the smaller ones (0.5″ inches). You will need to use the 12×24 cardstock at least 4 times – this is only if you want a variety of different colors. Ultimately, it’s up to you as to how you want to design your heart frame.

You’ll also need to cut the stencils for the heart frame. Once you have the stencils, you will use that on the tagboard and start tracing!

On to the next thing – you will need to start cutting the hearts out using your TrueControl Knife by Cricut! Don’t forget to use your Self -Healing Mat (also by Cricut)! If you want to protect your surface – you’re going to want to use this!

Now you have all three hearts!

My favorite part – rolling paper flowers! Use your quilling tool and start rolling!

Let’s fill the heart shaped frame with flowers! I glued the flowers to the tagboard frame, I started with the larger flowers. Once the larger flowers are all glued to the tagboard, then you can start placing the teeny tiny ones on the open spaces. Super easy!

Use the smallest heart that’s left out of the tagboard. Use it as a stencil to create a heart out of your desired picture. Once you have your heart shaped picture, glue it to the bigger heart. Once you’ve done this, add glue on the back of your heart shaped frame with all the flowers. Adhere the heart shaped with the picture to the heart shaped frame with the paper flowers together (see below)! Easy breezy!

Take out those magnetic sheets and use the smallest tagboard heart to use it as a stencil on the magnetic sheet. The magnetic sheet that I used for this project already has an adhesive side. For stronger hold, I added hot glue on the adhesive part of the magnetic sheet – press the magnetic heart shaped sheet onto the backside of the heart shaped frame.

Now, you are all done!!!!! Like I said, it is a super easy project! I have made a few of these already. They are so fun to make! Your loved ones will cherish these forever!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I cannot wait to see your heart shaped frames! Please tag me on social media if you are making your own frames!❤️

Stay Crafty,


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