How To Make Holiday Gifts Using Your Cricut Joy


The holidays are among us! This year has flown by – but especially this year. You and I both know how chaotic this year has been. One thing that has kept me sane this entire year has been my Cricut Joy! The Cricut Joy was released in March and since then I have been using it to make labels, add decals on mugs, and personalize gifts! This is just a few of the things that I have been making. However, my favorite craft has been personalizing gifts. You can never go wrong with personalizing a special gift for your loved ones. As you can tell, I am pretty obsessed with my Cricut Joy. Who wouldn’t be?

I love that I can make any gift and personalize them however I want! They can be super simple or really elegant gifts – the possibilities are endless.

My first nephew was born this year and I really wanted to make his parents an ornament this holiday season! I took out my Cricut Joy and started designing. I wanted this gift to be memorable and of course very personalized! I decided to add his birth stats and name to the ornament. What better way then to utilize my Cricut Joy and make it go to work!

Check out my YouTube video and watch how I make a glitter ornament by adding Cricut smart vinyl to it. I hope you enjoy my video!

I am using the following materials. When you use my affiliate link, it does not cost you extra. However, I do receive a small incentive when you use it. Thank you in advance.

Cricut Joy:

Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent (Black):

Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent (Gold):

Cricut Transfer Tape:

Cricut Weeding Tool:


Happy Crafting,


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