Everything You Need To Know About the Cricut Joy + The Perfect Holiday Gift

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It is Christmas time which means it is time for YOU to get a Cricut Joy this holiday season!

Cricut certainly has a good range of cutting machines for all crafters but my FAVORITE is the CRICUT JOY! I have created many things with my Joy especially during the holidays!

Let me tell ya why I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cricut Joy! It is PORTABLE, FAST for small projects, TINY, but very MIGHTY. I have to also mention that the Cricut Joy also has SMART MATERIALS!


The very first machine I received was about 3 years ago, It was the Cricut Explore Air 2 in MINT! I absolutely fell in love with the Explore Air 2 and I could not believe I had made it this far in crafting without such an amazing machine. How did I go through childhood without a Cricut machine? No idea! While growing up, I was very into scrapbooking and a Cricut machine would have been EXTREMELY HANDY! I own the Explore Air 2, the Maker, and now the Cricut Joy! Each machine has its’ own uniqueness to which you’ll fall in love with and the Cricut Joy is no exception. As stated above, I LOVE and am a tad obsessed with my CRICUT JOY.

When I first started with my Explore Air 2, I used it mainly for paper crafts. At the time, I was very into making large paper flowers but I also really wanted to venture into making small paper flowers for bouquets. I needed to purchase a Cricut to upgrade the level of my craft and so I did. Along the way I learned so much about the options and versatility offered by Cricut. When I began I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 for paper crafts but shortly after I quickly found myself using my machine on projects that incorporated vinyl and iron-on vinyl (heat transfer vinyl).


If I had the options for Cricut machines 3 years ago that I have today I would immediately want to get crafting with the Cricut Joy. A Cricut Joy is the ultimate gift that a crafter NEEDS under the tree this year! I am able to personalize pretty much everything and anything I want. In the past, I have made mugs, socks, and glitter ornaments. It doesn’t end there, you have the potential to create gifts that are SO UNIQUE and on top of that you can PERSONALIZE it to your liking!

There are so many benefits to owning a Cricut Joy! Let me tell you a few of my favorites.



The Cricut Joy gives you the power to take it wherever you want. You want to craft in your kitchen? You can do that! In your bedroom? You can totally do that too! I am thinking of crafting in my backyard this summer. All I will need is a super long extension cable but then I’m able to craft under the sun!


Not only does the Cricut Joy have smart materials which you can utilize WITHOUT A MAT! You have so many options for smart materials and other popular materials such as cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on! My favorite thing about the smart materials is that you have the option to work with a longer material length. The longest smart vinyl is 20ft! This is amazing for wedding signs or even birthday signs!



The Cricut Joy might look tiny but it is a powerful machine for everyday use. Not only is it fast but the projects you can complete are only limited by your creativity. It even has CUTTING AND WRITING capabilities.


Have I persuaded you to purchase a Cricut Joy yet? I am telling you, I believe you cannot go wrong with purchasing a Cricut Joy. It is so dang cute but also powerful. The Cricut Joy is perfect especially if you are a beginner crafter and you feel a tad intimidated by the Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2. The Cricut Joy is super easy to learn with its’ own app for iOS & Android!


If you are ready to take the plunge and gift yourself or your loved one with a Cricut Joy, these are my favorite 5 Cricut accessories to go along with your Joy, it would make the



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I hope you LOVE your Cricut Joy as much as I love mine! I cannot wait to see what you create with your new Cricut machine!


Happy Holidays!





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