Everything You Need To Know About The Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

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Today, I am finally answering one of the questions that I frequently get asked! I have shown my Cricut Maker on my social media and any time you see it in action, you want to know what it does! So, I’m going to tell you about the Cricut Maker and all that it does!

A Cricut machine is an electronic cutting machine that is a MUST HAVE for all crafters. Currently, Cricut offers three different Cricut machines – the Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker and, the Joy. Each machine has its’ own uniqueness for example, the Explore Air 2 might not be for you but the Cricut Joy might. It all comes down to what YOU are looking to create!

What is a Cricut Maker?

A Cricut Maker is the most advanced cutting machine that Cricut currently offers. The Maker can cut a variety of materials such as cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, faux leather, chipboard, bass wood and so much more! The Cricut Maker has the Adaptive Tool System which is very unique to the Maker. With the Adaptive Tool System, you are able to swap out the tips or blades without having the need to change the housing. The Cricut Maker allows you to explore your creativity because of it’s extensiveness of materials that are unique to the Maker.


Even though the Cricut Maker cut a variety of materials, I do have my personal favorites! I love using cardstock with my Maker – from light cardstock to heavy glitter cardstock. I have used all types of cardstock – any that you can think of – I have used! I would say that cutting cardstock is my favorite material to cut. My second favorite material that I frequently use is Cricut iron-on. I have used iron-on to make t-shirts for my family. The Cricut Maker has made it easy to use all types of materials because it is 10x faster than the other electronic cutting machines that Cricut offers.

2x Faster Cutting

The Cricut Maker can cut 2x faster than the Explore Air. Not only can it cut 2x faster but it can also write faster making your projects that much quicker. The only downside to this is that it can get loud compared to the Explore Air 2 – that is just my experience. I find it to be just a tad louder than my Explore Air 2 but again it could also just be my machine. I recently used my Cricut Maker to cut chipboard and I was so surprised as to how FAST it cut the material!


The Maker has a variety of tools to use with the Adaptive Tool System. This allows you to explore your creativity. I love that every tool I use challenges me to experiment with new crafting techniques. As you are growing as a crafter and learning what you love – the Maker is equipped to help you take the next step. Here are some of my favorite tools that are unique to the Cricut Maker.

-Wavy Blade

-Perforation Blade

-Debossing Tip

-Engraving Tip

-Scoring Wheel & the Double Scoring Wheel

-Rotary Blade

-Knife Blade

Tablet Holder

One thing that the Explore Air line is not equipped with is the tablet holder. This can also hold your smartphone. I tend to use my iPad Pro when I am designing, specifically on design space, and I love that I can set my iPad on the holder.

USB Charger

Another special feature of the Cricut Maker is the USB charger on the side of the machine. We already know the machine is a powerhouse but it gives the Maker an advantage over all the other electronic cutting machines currently on the market. Since I use my iPad with my Maker it makes it so much easier to use the USB on the side rather than having tons of chargers and cords on my craft table. This is extremely unique to the Cricut Maker – one of my favorite features that I use very often!

Photo Credit: Cricut

Do you need the Cricut Maker?

This is a tough question to ask yourself. If you already have the Explore Air or the Explore Air 2 and are questioning whether you need to make the jump to the Maker then think about this:

-If you are planning on using your cutting machine to cut fabric then YES you need the Maker!

-If you are planning on using thicker materials then YES you need the Maker!

-If you are planning on using the tools for the Adaptive Tool System such as the perforation blade, debossing tip, engraving tip and, so on, then YES you need the Maker!

Think about the current materials that you are using – if you are using vinyl and iron-on and let’s say cardstock frequently, then you might not need the Maker. BUT just remember that the Cricut Maker does cut faster compared to the Explore Air line. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Explore Air 2 but I love having the options of being able to choose from a variety of materials to cut with my Maker – something that I cannot do with my Explore Air 2.

Stay Crafty,


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