DIY Pink Ombre Letterboard

I can remember growing up, I was not a huge fan of the color pink. My favorite color at the time was yellow – I loved how bright it was and still is! However, since I have begun crafting, my go to color has surprisingly changed to pink. Nowadays, give me anything in PINK and I will LOVE it!

My love for pink has me motivated to incorporate it in many of my projects. So I thought it was time to make myself a pink ombre letter board because I could not find any online or in stores. With that being said…

Let’s get crafty!

First, let’s start with the materials that you will need to make your own pink ombre letter board:

1) Paint Brushes

2) Assortment of Pink Acrylic Paint Shades

3) Letterboard (I bought mine at Tuesday Morning at a bargain price!)

4) Paint Palette

5) Cup for Water (in my case, I used an old mug)

6) Cricut Poster board (3″ x 12″) or small scraper

*Keep in mind all of these items can be found at Michael’s except for the letterboard I used.

As you can see from the picture below, I also used the vanilla acrylic paint. I thought it would add a nice touch to the other shades of pink.

Now, we will add the paint to the paint pallet. I added a tiny bit of water into each color. I will do this throughout the entire process as the entire project will require more paint than what is on the paint pallet.

Next, you will grab your brush and start painting! You will have to paint many layers so the shade of pink is vibrant and thick. This is all based on preference. Another thing to note is that it will depend on you how much of the letterboard you want to cover of each individual color.

I am using the gold poster board to separate the colors from each other as I go along.

Next, you will start with the next selected color and continue the same process until the letterboard is filled with shades of pink! This could easily be done with any other combination of colors as well.

Continue up the letterboard until you have the entire board covered with the shades of pink.

Once you are all done painting the entire letter board use your cricut scraper to separate each ridge or you can also use a poster board. This is to prevent the ridges from sticking to each other. If the ridges stick it is possible that any letters you place on the board may break hence why it is important to go along the entire board thoroughly checking for ridges that are sticking.

And now, we are all done!!!! What do you think? Are you going to DIY all letterboards with your favorite color? I would love to see all your ombre color combination letterboard creations.

I hope you guys enjoyed this super quick DIY blog post! This was a fun and easy craft project with great results. It simply adds a colorful accent to your letterboard.

Are you a letterboard fan? What sort of colorful combinations do you want to try?

Feel free to share your thoughts and inspirations!

Stay Crafty,


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