Paper Florist Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas is just around the corner! I decided to do this Christmas Gift Guide that will be geared towards Paper Florists and for those that are struggling with shopping for the Paper Florist in their lives. Here is to my fellow paper florists!

I have come up with 10 MUST HAVES for the Paper Florist in your life, whether they are a novice or an expert.

Let’s get started!!

1. Cricut Maker

This is the ultimate machine for all crafters, especially paper florists! This machine has literally changed my life. The Cricut Maker can cut anything from wood to felt!

I use my Cricut Maker to cut intricate designs from flower centers to leaves. It is a huge time saver!

It truly is the backbone for paper florists because without it, you need to rely on steady hands and a sharp pair of scissors.

2. Surebonder Hot Glue Guns

You can never have enough hot glue guns! I for one have a handful of glue guns. Personally, I am partial to Surebonder glue guns for their lightweight and durability. Here are just a few of my favorite glue gun options offered by Surebonder!

This one is the Surebonder H-195F Mini Glue Gun and is PERFECT for small paper flowers. It uses mini glue sticks.

I use this all the time when I’m assembling mini paper roses or flowers. The tip of the glue gun is extended for a more precise application of hot glue. I have not had an issue with it leaking. This is a MUST if you’re a paper florist!

The Surebonder PRO2-100 is another glue gun that I use on the regular. This glue gun uses full size hot glue sticks.

This is my go to glue gun when I’m making large paper flowers. I’m talking about flowers that are anywhere from 12 inches up to 22 inches in diameter.

Now, you might be asking yourself, does it leak? NO, it does not!

This glue gun has a really nice handle and super lightweight compared to other glue guns that I have used.

The last one is the Surebonder PRO2-60 . This glue gun uses full size glue sticks.

This is a CORDLESS glue gun which is perfect for making paper flowers while watching TV or anywhere!

The battery and charger are included, so it is a great addition to your glue gun collection.

3. Fiskars Bent Titanium Scissors

My FAVORITE scissors! This is the Fiskars Bent Titanium scissors and I started using them in March and they have not failed me YET. I have been through so many scissors but this one can cut up to 5 pages of 65lb cardstock paper at a time!

4. Fiskars 15×18 Silicone Craft Mat

I have used this Silicone Mat for over a year now and let me tell you that it is SO GREAT when making paper flowers.

I take this mat to my dining room table so the hot glue does not damage hardwood surface.

It is durable and easy to clean up! If you combine this mat with the cordless glue gun as previously mentioned, then you have yourself a mobile crafting station.

5. Geekoto Camera Tripod

This is not a necessity but if you are planning on making paper flower video tutorials then you must have a good tripod! This tripod has pretty good reviews on Amazon and it’s reasonably priced compared to the one I own, which is the K & F Concept DSLR Camera Tripod.

I love my tripod because of the metal ball head which can be rotated 360 degrees.

6. Paper Flower Templates | Paper Flower Centers | Paper Leaves

Paper Flower & Rose Templates are a must for any Paper Florist! Modern Flower Creation offers a variety of templates including rose collections!

And guess what!? I also offer FREE templates to those that are members to my site! Head on over to the FREEBIES section, again, you must create an account to become a member in order to access the freebies! No worries though as there is no charge to become a member. The free templates offered on my site are a great way to try out paper flower templates before purchasing others!

Let’s not forget paper flower centers and paper leaves for your paper flowers!

7. Craft Room Storage

My favorite room in my home is my craft room. I have listed below a few of my favorite items from my craft room. These items help me organize my cardstock paper and also my scrapbook paper!

The bookcase seen below was actually a Walnut Colored Bookcase but I painted it white. The walnut was much cheaper than the white. I listed the white bookcase below if you would rather purchase that one instead of the walnut colored option.

Here are some of my favorite items from my Craft Room that help keep my paper organized:

  1. Organizer Cube 4 Shelf By Ashland
  2. 5 Drawer Letterpress Cube By Ashland
  3. Mobile Storage Tower By Ashland
  4. Montego Bookcase, 5 Shelf, White

8. Cardstock Paper

Is there such a thing as having enough paper!? You can never have enough paper! I purchase my paper from so many of my local craft stores such as Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby.

Recently, I have started to use CutCardStock and I find that it is best to buy in bulk and unfortunately, the Recollections Packets from Michaels only offer about 10 pieces of paper per color in a pack. With CutCardStock you can order the same color cardstock in bulk for very reasonable prices and the color selection is quite extensive. Another important note about CutCardStock is that they have wonderful deals on their cardstock available anytime!

9. Cricut’s TrueControl Knife (Rose)

I recently started using this knife from Cricut and I absolutely love it! I use it when I’m hand cutting paper leaves instead of using my Cricut Maker.

This would be the perfect gift for those that are not interested in purchasing a Cricut Maker and would prefer to cut their designs by hand.

It’s also available in other colors!

10. Rolling Tools for Paper Flowers

These rolling tools are great for small flowers! If you would like to see them in action, check here.

I would also strongly recommend purchasing the McGill Molding Mat to go with the rolling tools.

I hope this Christmas Guide helps you with shopping ideas for the Paper Florists in your life. For those Paper Florists reading this, I hope this list helps point family and friends in your life that are gift hunting for you in the right direction.

I look forward to hearing any other gift ideas for this Holiday season, please comment below!

As always,

Keep on crafting!



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