How to Make a Cork Board with your Cricut Maker

Cricut Cork Board

I am so excited to show you all how to make a geometric heart cork board using your Cricut Maker! I wanted to make this tutorial as easy as possible because the finished product was worth the effort. I hope this is helpful for you.

Let’s get started!


1 Natural Cork Roll 12 in x 12 in

3 Cricut Chipboard 11 in x 11 in, Damask Sampler

Cricut StrongGrip Mat

Cricut Weeding Tool

Cricut Iron-On Mesh Glitter

Cricut Fine Point Blade

Cricut Knife Blade

Cricut Weeding Tool


Masking Tape

Cricut Mini EasyPress

Cricut Maker

Hot Glue Gun

Geometric Heart Design

Step One:

The first thing that you will need for this project is my GEOMETRIC HEART DESIGN. You will then need to upload it to your canvas. Click on upload and either drag and drop your file or browse for the file. Once you have uploaded the file, insert the file onto your blank canvas. The geometric heart will appear on your canvas (see below). Then, you will ungroup the image so you have two separate designs.

Step Two:

Click on MAKE IT. You will be directed to this page (see below). You will see two different colored mats. One is the gold mat which will be used for the iron-on material while the red mat will be used for the chipboard. Reminder: since we are working with iron-on don’t forget to turn the MIRROR option on for the gold mat.

Also, don’t forget to cut TWO GEOMETRIC HEARTS out of chipboard. Later on, you will glue the chipboards together.


Step Three:

I will be cutting the chipboard first. Again, do not forget that you will need TWO of these. Select Chipboard (1.5 mm) as your material. Also, note you will need to move all the star wheels to the right. I decided to move two to the right and two to the left (see below). The reason I did this is because I will be placing the chipboard on the center of the StrongGrip mat.


Step Four:

Tape the chipboard to the StrongGrip Mat. I used masking tape to secure all four sides.

Step Five:

Insert Knife Blade in Clamp B.

Step Six:

Load your mat in and then click on the GO button to start cutting! This should take a total of 3 minutes. It is super quick. I was actually not expecting the Maker to cut the chipboard that fast – reason being, I have used the knife blade before and it does take awhile depending on the material. I think I have found my ideal material to use with the knife blade.


Step Seven:

This is very important! Your screen will say that it is 100% cut and to unload the material which you can BUT you miss on an important step. You see the notice that says “check your cut” – this allows you to check and see if the knife blade cut your material all the way through or if it needs to be cut more. I unloaded my mat because the cut looked really good! However, if you notice that your project still needs to be cut more then click on the Go button to cut one more pass.

Step Eight:

Now that we have TWO chipboards cut, we need to cut the iron-on design. Since the material is set to chipboard, you will need to change it to glitter mesh iron-on. Don’t forget to turn the MIRROR option on. Place your iron-on shiny side down onto your mat.

Once your cut is done, click on the UNLOAD button and remove the iron-on from your StrongGrip mat. You will do this by flipping your mat down on your desk and removing your iron-on slowly from the mat (see below).

Now that your iron-on vinyl has been removed from your StrongGrip mat, you will need to weed. Weeding is removing the excess vinyl from your cut design. The excess vinyl becomes the vinyl that you will not need for this project and most likely throw away. Since this is a geometric heart and inside the heart was not cut by the Cricut Maker, I decided to cut that piece out with my scissors along with the outer parts of the heart. I did this so I could utilize the excess iron-on for future projects – less waste!

Step Nine:

Now, you will use one of your heart chipboards as a stencil to help you trace another geometric heart out of cork. Once you are done tracing, use your scissors to cut out the design. Now, you may ask why didn’t she use her Cricut? Well, I did use my Cricut Maker but it ended breaking the cork. The knife blade was a bit too strong for the cork material. I decided that it was easier to trace and cut with scissors. If you have cut cork with your cricut maker, let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear your tips and what I can do next time!


Step Ten:

Add hot glue to your chipboard to adhere with the cork material.


Repeat the above step one more time. This is to make your corkboard thicker and that way the pushpins don’t damage your wall.

You should have two chipboards and one cork all glued together (see below). Again, this makes your cork board sturdier and thicker.

Step Eleven:

It is time to use your mini easy press. I set the temperature to the highest setting on my mini EasyPress. I went over the design a few times to make sure the iron-on adhered to the cork material. This is the first time that I have used iron-on with cork. I LOVE how it turned out! Have you ever used iron-on with cork material before? I want to hear about your experience!

Peel the liner off the iron-on

Look at this! I LOVE how it turned out!!!

Step Twelve:

You will need to use hot glue one more time! Add hot glue to the back of your chipboard and then glue it to another chipboard that’s 11 in x 11 in. This effectively adds a fun background to your cork board and it also makes it thicker.

Last Step:

Pick out your favorite pictures and grab some push-pins!

And, all done! I used putty to adhere it to my wall. I also added an upbeat positive quote on my new geometric heart cork board!

I really hope you liked this tutorial! If you decide to make your own – do not forget to tag me so I can see your creations!

Stay crafty,



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