How To Use Cricut’s Infusible Ink With Your Cricut EasyPress

I have been obsessed with Cricut Infusible Ink! They have been around for almost a year – crazy right!? I feel as though they just released them! The variety of transfer sheets that they carry is insane! Now even the Cricut Joy has its own infusible ink line! How adorable!

I wanted to make a onesie for baby nephew – who recently turned 3 months! He’s a big boy so he wears anywhere from 6 months to 12 month old onesies. Since I’m the crafty aunt, I needed to make him something cute and of course use my Cricut Maker and EasyPress! How could I resist!?

Let’s get started with the tutorial!


Cricut Baby Bodysuit

Cricut EasyPress + Mat

Cricut Maker + StandardGrip Mat

Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet

Butcher Paper (comes with infusible ink)

White Cardstock Paper


I created my own design for this onesie so please feel free to use any other design that you would like. You will start by sending your design to your Cricut machine. Make sure to click on MIRROR ON before your Cricut starts cutting the design. You will select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet as your choice of material.

Next, you will place the infusible ink transfer sheet on the StandardGrip Mat. The design should be looking at you! Click on the “C” cricut logo and the machine will start cutting your design!

Remove the infusible ink transfer sheet that does not belong with your design. DO NOT USE weeding tools – you could damage your design. Use your fingers to remove the excess areas.

Once you are done with your design, make sure that you have your EasyPress set to 385 degrees fahrenheit and the time to 40 seconds.

Before placing the design on the onesie, preheat the onesie for 15 seconds and don’t forget to remove any fibers from the onesie by using a lint roller (I did not show this in the video – but don’t forget to do this part!).

Now, insert cardstock inside baby onesie – this is to prevent any bleeding from the infusible ink as it attaches to the fibers of the onesie.

Then, you will place design on onesie and cover it with butcher paper.

It’s time to press! Press with light pressure – do not add heavy pressure and do not move your EasyPress as it is pressing! This could damage your design!

Almost done – slowly lift your EasyPress and remove the butcher paper from top of the onesie.

Finally, slowly remove liner while it is still warm! Be very careful with this step – the liner will be very hot. So please take good care of yourself while doing this! We need our crafty hands!


Stay Crafty,


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