Cricut + EasyPress Mini

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Happy Friday! I feel as though it has been awhile since I posted here but then I realized that we just did a project together – the paper marigolds! I hope you all enjoyed them.

Today, we are going to be exploring the NEW EasyPress Mini by Cricut. The Cricut EasyPress Mini is the newest addition to the EasyPress family. It is the best new addition to the Cricut family!

I have had a little bit of time now to explore the Cricut EasyPress Mini and let me tell you that I LOVE IT! It is not like any other small iron out there – it is a total GAME CHANGER! Similar to the bigger EasyPresses, the heating plate heats evenly all around the ceramic plate which is just all around awesome!

Today, we will be adding Iron-On Mesh to these super cute doggie bandanas that I sewed together. That’s right – I made those with my sewing machine! If you guys want a tutorial, let me know. I am just beginning to learn so I do not have any tricks or tips up my sleeve.


* Cricut Explore Air 2

* Cricut EasyPress Mini

* Cricut EasyPress Mat 12″x 12″

* Cricut Weeding Tools

* Cricut Everyday Iron-On Mesh

* Dog Bandana(s)

* StandardGrip Machine Mat


You will need to place the Iron-On Vinyl onto the StandardGrip Mat. When placing the Iron-On make sure that the shiny side (clear liner) is down on the mat. For the design that I am using, you do not need the entire 12″ x 12″ Iron-On sheet so feel free to cut your desired amount prior to placing it on the mat.

**Don’t Forget to MIRROR YOUR IMAGE**

Don’t forget to turn your dial to “Iron-On” or you can set it to Custom. With Custom you must use your computer or tablet to make your own desired settings based on the type of material you are using.

SIDE NOTE: I love my Explore Air 2 because it has my most used materials already set on the dial!

Now that you have your design cut, take your StandardGrip Mat and face the sticky side down. This allows for an easier removal of the Iron-On vinyl from your StandardGrip Mat. Slowly remove the vinyl from the mat.


Now, it’s time to assemble! Using your Cricut Weeder remove the excess vinyl. Make sure that all that is left on the clear liner is the design.


You will PREHEAT the area where the material will be ironed on. I preheated the area for 5 seconds.

Set your Cricut EasyPress Mini to it’s MEDIUM setting.

Place your iron-on material face down.

You will need to press for 25 seconds. Go here to access the heat guide by Cricut.

Now, remove the clear liner while it is still warm.

You are all done with your custom made dog bandanas!

Happy pups!

Stay Crafty,


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