DIY Nail Vinyl Decals


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It is finally June! Which means we are halfway through 2021! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. Summer is just around the corner which means pretty summer nails.

Let’s get started with this super quick tutorial! I wanted to make some super cute vinyl decals using my Cricut Joy. The Cricut Joy makes it super convenient when you want small pieces of vinyl cut. I was not expecting the Cricut Joy to cut the vinyl pieces so small but it actually worked with no issues whatsoever. Now you can create your own vinyl decals for your nails! Let’s get started with the materials!

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Cricut Joy | StandardGrip Mat | Holographic Vinyl | Transfer Tape | Weeding Tool | Nail Polish


1. Search for your desired image on Cricut Design Space. I am using the Daisy image which can be found in the search box by typing #M95A0DF2

Click MAKE IT (green rectangle)

2. Click “ON MAT” and then click “DONE”

3. Search for “Premium Vinyl – Holographic” and change the pressure to “More”

4. Place Holographic Vinyl on StandardGrip Mat. You can use any other type of vinyl for this project however, I wanted to use holographic vinyl because I rarely use it and I thought it would be perfect for this project!

5. Load mat into machine and click “Go”

6. Unload mat from Cricut Joy. You will see a box on your computer screen that says UNLOAD. Click on that.

7. Start weeding the excess vinyl

8. Transfer the vinyl to your desired nail! All done!!

It is super easy to add vinyl decals to your nails. The best part is that design space has so many other images that you can use as nail decals! I cannot wait to see your nail decals made out of vinyl!

Stay crafty!


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